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The end of a Baktun!

Not so long ago I was at a party where some people were talking and laughing about the film 2012 and how the scientists and the media had been so wrong as the world and the humans were still here as good as ever.

I smiled and told them that processes were in motion that would bring catastrophy to the world.

Will the earth be destroyed? No, not unless we blow it up ourselves with our nuclear arsenals. Will mankind be destroyed? No, we will survive as we are a very ingenious race, we will be much reduced in numbers and that is only good for mother earth.

All this came from a Mayan calender, problem is that the Mayan language is not yet fully deciphered, so it is hard hard to make accurate predictions. Therefore we don’t know exactly when the last Baktun started.

But first, what in earth’s name is a Baktun?

A Baktun is a period of time ranging between 27.700 and 28.800 years, so it leaves a  lot of room for error.

According to the Maya the imaginary axle of the earth, running through the north- and south pole, shifts about 72 degrees at the end of a Baktun. How long that proces takes we don’t really know, but it is accompanied by earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and a change in climate.

From deep drillings in the polar ice we know for certain that the earth has known periods of warm moderate weather, like we have now, alternated with climatic upheaval followed by an iceage.

We are all, except the captains of industry who only have dollar signs in their eyes, worried about the global warming, as we should be, though this is a normal cyclic event of the earth itself, as the polar drillings have shown us. That we are helping the global warming by the production of massive amounts of CO2 speaks for itself. But this has happened before without us producing massive amounts of greenhouse gasses.

In the last ten ot fifteen years the amount of earthquakes is steadily rising because of movement of the tectonic plates that float on the liquid centre of the earth. More volcano’s are becoming active again, more rain is falling, causing floods all over the world.

What can we do about all this? The answer is simple; nothing. We just have to ride it out and see what will happen.

Because of global warming the ice of the Arctic and Greenland is melting at an alarming rate, this will cause the oceans conveyor belt to stop at a certain time.

The conveyor belt is a stream in the ocean. By Greenland the heavier cold water goes down to the ocean floor and flows south, around Africa and India into the Pacific where it rises again to flow on the surface back towards the Atlantic. This movement causes the moderate climate in Europe. When this stream stops Europe will face another iceage lasting about 800 years.

Climates all over the world will change, causing massive draughts in some parts and massive rains in others. This, off course, will affect our ability to produce food.

Another thing we have to worry about is Yellowstone park. A large part of this park is actually the crater of a supervolcano. The geysers and hot lakes are proof that hot lava flows below the surface.

The ground in the park has been steadily rising for the last couple years, indicating that pressure is building up, and according to several geologists she is already overdue.

When she blows four states will be covered by her ashcloud in a matter of hours, millions will die. As the volcano will keep on erupting the ashcloud will eventually cover most of the earth shutting it out from sunlight. The earth will cool down again as ice covers most of the lands.

It will take years before the first blue will be seen again through the thinning ashcloud, millions of people will have died and mankind’s survivors will be thrown back to the middle ages.

Then we will start again and probably make the same mistakes as we have made in our time.

How can the earth axle be turned or shifted?

With the seaquake at Fukushima in 2011 the axle was shifted 10 centimeters and that proces is still going on. More seaquakes of magnitude 7 or higher have happened since then and will have shifted the axle even more, but not enough for us to notice as it did with the magnitude 9 quake in 2011.

How do I know mankind will survive? Simple, according to the holy book of the Maya, the Popolvuh, this is the seventh sun we live under. This does not mean that the sun stopped shining or vanished, but that this proces of the tilting of the earth’s axle has happened seven times already since Maya time reckoning.

We have found drawings in caves made by the Maya after such an event.

When the last iceage ended, some 13.000 years ago, the level of the ocean came up, creating the English channel and drowning many islands in the Atlantic ocean. What will we see when we lower the ocean level again by that same level?

In the area of the Bahama’s and Bimini explorers have found a lot of evidence of buildings and other man made structures beneath the surface.

Mankind is still here, so, yes, we will survive and repopulate the earth. Much knowledge and knowhow will be lost and rediscovered, explorers will again sail the new oceans to discover new continents. Wars will be fought again, new Gods revered. Civilisations will rise and fall again, we will wonder where the great pyramids of Egypt and South-America have come from, why Stonehenge was built and what is was for and just as we are about to find the answers another Baktun will end.