Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 24th instalment

The kick made the man see stars dance in front of his eyes, but he remained as stiff as a board. The thing inside raged and ranted to be released,  it wanted blood, it needed blood.

With great difficulty the man managed to shake his head a bit and the woman backed off. She looked around and walked a short distance to come back with a piece of wood.

Again the man shook his head, but this time the woman ignored him. She swung the piece of wood and hit him as hard as she could against the side of his head. The man passed out, but the body jumped to its feet. A long fingered and clawed hand shot out towards the woman, who swung the piece of wood hitting the hand hard, she heard a few fingers break.

The thing howled in pain as it took a step back. This had not happened before, no one ever had fought back, they had all been paralised with fear. But then this woman had a weapon. It had to work carefully for it needed the blood to survive and with the resistance the man was putting up it would be getting harder to make him kill for it.

They circled each other for a while. The woman made a few feigned swings to keep the creature away, but did not really attack. The creature did the same. They studied each other, trying to find any weaknesses, any openings in each others movements.

Quite suddenly, with lightning speed, the creature stepped forward and tore a great deal of her clothing away, revealing a slim and strong body. It wanted it, it needed it and it needed it now.

Again it launched itself, but the woman was prepared and the piece of wood smacked hard against the outstretched arm, throwing it aside. Immediately she attacked again and rammed the point of the wood hard against its nose.

The creature howled as much as from pain as from anger at being attacked.


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