Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 23rd instalment

He tried to raise his hand to warn the woman off, but she came closer, carefully.

She saw a shimmering human form on the ground. One moment it was just a man with a black coat, the next it was a hideous creature with horns on its head and long clawed hands with a scaled skin.

She was not certain what to do, that this man needed help was obvious, but could she help him? She understood that he tried to warn her away, but that went against her nature, she was born to help people, she had done nothing else all her life until a, so called friend, had made her lose her well paid job in one of the major hospitals. She only had been out on the streets for a year or two.

The man tried to turn his back to her, but failed, he seemed unable to move.

She only had read about a case like this many years ago when a killing streak had run through the city that had ended as suddenly as it had started. She tried to remember what the file had said as she looked at the man, squinting. She knew she had to stay away from his hands so he couldn’t grab her. She was sure that that would be the end of her.

Luckily she hadn’t gone drinking her misery away so her mind was still sharp and worked perfectly, though she could use a good glass of red wine right about now.

She walked around him, thinking hard about what to do. The file had not told her what she could do to help him as the file had only told that the man/creature in the first aid had died unexpectedly and that a post mortem had not revealed anything that could tell them what had been wrong with the victim.

Quite suddenly she kicked hard against his head, hoping that would take him out.

An angry growl came from the man’s mouth, but he didn’t move a muscle.


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