Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 19th instalment

‘You can invite evil to come?’ she said surprised. ‘Then why don’t we invite the counterforce to come here?’

The priest laughed softly. ‘It doesn’t seem to work like that. Evil resides all over this world as it has been turning worse every year. All people care about is there amount of credit and their own well being. The amount of poor people have been rising steadily over the last few years. People don’t seem to want good to be around anymore. But we are not here for a lesson in history, we have to help that man to get rid of his coat.’

‘And that will help to counter the evil that’s around,’ she remarked facetiously.

He looked at her seriously. ‘Every little bit helps. Every victory, now matter how small, weakens the evil. What did you see by the container?’

She blinked at the sudden change in topic. ‘When I was on top of a building and looked down on it, I saw a vortex of swirling colours on the roof.’

The priest smiled. ‘Right, that is what I suspected. It is another weak attempt to get over here. Somehow the evil doesn’t seem to be gaining strength on the other side.’

She frowned. ‘Are your people working over there too?’

He nodded. ‘Yes and they have powers that equal the powers of the evil, so a sort of balance is maintained.’

‘What do we have to do?’

‘ Close the vortex, for one and that will be the hardest part and the man with the coat will have to do it. Now be silent so I can study on how we can get that done.’


The man woke up in the middle of the night as he was pulling hard at the ropes that tied him to the support beam. He looked at his wrists that had turned bloody. Whether he wanted or not he still tried to get free of his bonds. Breathing deep he tried to calm himself down, but it didn’t help.

He didn’t notice that his hands had turned into claws with long, sharp, yellow nails.


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