Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 18th instalment

‘So bad?’ the priest asked.

She nodded as she walked to the cabinet to take out a bottle of strong liquor.

He frowned again as the girl hardly ever drank strong alcohol. That she did now must mean things were worse than he had suspected. ‘Did you get the address?’

‘Part of it,’ she said after a big sip. ‘Then I was attacked by the container.’

‘How can a metal box attack you?’ he asked, raising his eyebrows.

‘It did, ot whatever was inside it,’ she mumbled as an afterthought.

‘Where did the container come from?’ he asked undisturbed.

‘The Devil’s Den; Binkare,’ she said and felt a sort of electric shock go through her as she said the words.

The priest saw her convulse for a moment and squinted his eyes. ‘The Devil’s Den,’ he mused. Just to see if he would be attacked too when he spoke the words aloud, but nothing happened to him. ‘Binkare,’ he said softly, looking at the book when he felt a small shock.

‘You are into something that goes way beyond you,’ the girl said, pouring herself another glass. ‘This is somethig  big. Bigger than they ever tried before.’

‘Apparently,’ the priest said, opening the book at the chapter he had been reading. ‘Ah, here it is; Binkare.’ A small shock went through him again. ‘A big harbour town where evil is supposed to reside.’

The girl looked at him. ‘Evil resides there? How can people live there?’

‘They must as they are the ones that made the clothes. Pour me one too, will you?’ he asked reading more.

‘Don’t you want to know what happened to the man with the coat that was here?’ she said putting the glass on the table next to him.

‘Not particularly,’ he mumbled. ‘I can imagine what has happened to him. I hope he will remember to tie himself up before going to sleep tonight.’

‘What is going on?’ the girl demanded.

The priest sighed and leaned back. ‘The west has been trying to get hold of these lands for centuries now, but they have always failed. They invited evil to come to live there, so to speak, to give them a hand.’



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