Somewhere, somplace, sometime; 15th instalment

The moment she read the words pain raced through her body, making her double over. With some difficulty she managed to run a few steps when another wave of pain hit her. She fell to her knees and retched.

She stayed absolutely still as she sat there, thinking about what to do. It was obvious some very dark powers were at work here. She had been down that road before a long time ago and knew that doing nothing for a moment usually helped.

She looked around to see if there was any place to hide nearby and saw a piece of wall, if she could get there she figured she would be safe. She estimated the distance and thought she could make it in two jumps.

Breathing steadily to regain her composure she fixed her eyes on the wall. She flexed her muscles and made a jump.

In midair, she was thrown aside by an unseen force and crashed against a pile rubble, twisting her arm. She got scared now, this was something she had not experienced before. Lying still she noticed that nothing happened. However, she was now farther away from the protective wall.

Looking around again for another place to hide she saw something quite nearby. An open door to a building. She was sure she could make it there in one jump, provided the force would not throw her aside again.

Carefully, she moved into a better position to make the jump, it would be more like a dive and got ready. She made a feint move and felt something go over her and then she dived into the dooropening, rolling away immediately.

Something powerful hit the doorframe as it shook and the roofbeam came down.

Smiling, she lay still and breathed easy for a while. So far she had made it, but she wondered how far the force of that container, or whatever was in it, reached.

She tried to figure out where she was, if possible she had to get out of sight of that container. There were no windows that she could see, but a stair went up by the side. Slowly she made her way there and went up. On the first floor were no windows either. She decided to climb to the roof, maybe she could get away over the rooftops of other buildings.

Opening the hatch, she climbed on the roof, grimacing as her arm hurt and crawled to the side to look down at the container. She gasped at what she saw.


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