Somewhere, sometime, someplace; 13th installment

When he could breath normally again he sat up and looked at the place he had been digging. He could see no more than we had started, but something must be there that could either hurt the coat or give him a clue of how to get rid of it.

Very slowly, he reached out with his hand to the place he had been digging at. Nothing happened. Carefully he put his hand down.

His body was flung into the air with great force as pain raced through him. He cried out as he relieved himself at the same time. His back arced backwards so far he was sure it would break. He could hear his bones crack and muscles tear.

With a crash he plunged back to the pile of rubble that surrounded the container, pushing the air out of his lungs. He sucked in air gulp after gulp while his muscles moved spasmodically, making his arms and legs move to all sides at once.

It took a long time for him to lay still again and breath normally. Pain was felt at places he didn’t even know he could feel pain. Tears ran down his cheeks as he took another ragged breath.

Why had he ever picked up this coat? Was he really in such a bad state that he truly needed it? Sure he liked the warmth it provided and it had kept him dry, but was it worth the trouble he was in right now?

He moved his arm to bring his hand to his face to wipe away his tears, but he stopped as soon as he had begun. It hurt too much to move anything. Would he ever be able to move again?

He sobbed softly and turned his head to the container. He was sure he saw the image on the shirt on the side laugh. Well, he didn’t laugh, he was in pain, terrible pain and was more than ever determined to get rid of the coat.


Not too far away the young woman from the church was looking at him and frowned quizically. She had seen some strange things in her time, but this was downright scary. This was something she didn’t want any part of, but she had little choice in the matter.


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