Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 12th instalment

The man walked aimlessly through the alley’s, kicking up a piece of dirt her and there. He wondered why the coat didn’t hurt him now he had sought help from a priest. He had expected that it would hurt him once he was outside the ramshackle church, but it didn’t.

Was it so confident that it could win from the priest and himself? Maybe so, but what did the coat want from him, what did it want him to accomplish? To murder women?

He was sure by now that he had killed the two women. How, he didn’t know as he could not remember doing it. Nor did he understand how he could have raked their bodies in the way they had been found. He looked at his short and dirty fingernails. With those he could not have tore deep gashes in the bodies.

He smiled sadly. ‘Look at me,’ he thought. ‘I’m beginning to think about this damned piece of garment as a living thing.’

Looking up he saw that he had wandered back to the container and frowned. Why had he come back here? Slowly he started to walk around the container, which involved some climbing as it blocked the alley where it met with the street.

As he did so he noticed some strange drawings on the side of it. A shirt with a devil’s image on it, for example. As he looked at it, he became convinced that the eyes on the shirt were actually watching him. Shivering he moved on a bit further only to stop dead in his tracks.

Were the eyes following him? Very slowly he turned around and was sure that the eyes were looking at him again. He looked at the other images on the side of the container and tried to read the name of the company and where it came from, but that part was buried beneath a pile of rubble.

Sighing he got to his knees and started to remove the rubble when a jolt of pain shot through him so bad that he fell flat on his face. Tears sprang to his eyes as he convulsed a little before lying still, breathing raggidly.


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