Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 11th installment

The priest sat on the bench the man had vacated and felt all over his robe as the girl came from behind the altar handing him a joint. The priest took it and inhaled deeply.

‘What was that all about?’ the girl asked sitting down next to him.

‘Some man with a possessed coat,’ he mumbled.

‘Probably from that container that was dumped down south. They found two dead bodies in there a few days ago,’ she said inhaling deeply from her own joint.

‘What container?’ the priest asked. ‘Where did it come from?’

‘Don’t know for sure,’ she said, ‘but I think from one of those cheap labour countries in the west.’

He frowned and scratched his chin while inhaling deeply again. ‘Can you go to that container for me and find out where it came from. If possible the name of the company as well?’

‘Sure,’ she said, getting to her feet. ‘It will cost you a dinner though.’

He nodded absentmindedly as he too got to his feet. ‘I have to look up something in my books,’ he mumbled, walking to a door in the back of the church.

‘You have books?’ she laughed. ‘Don’t you have it on your computer?’

Smiling he turned.’Some old stuff is only to be found in books, dear. Now get you going so I can do my thing.’

He threw the butt of the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it as he opened the door and went inside. He heaved a big sigh as he got an extremely old book from the shelf. He carefully placed it on the table as he sat down behind it and opened it.

He loved the smell of old books. They were so hard to come by these days, where everything was electronic. He looked at the contents page and leafed through the book to the page he thought he needed.

The title of the chapter said: The Inherent Evil from the West.


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