Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 10th installment

‘You don’t need a priest, you need a shrink,’ the priest said. ‘This is all in your head and you are reacting to it.’

The man looked up at the priest for a moment. ‘No, I’m sure I don’t. I go to sleep one place and wake up at another with a dead body not too far away.’

The priest took a step back. ‘Usually things like that,’ he pointed at the coat, ‘react to being in a holy place, why doesn’t it react now?’

‘You were screwing a young girl from the streets, that makes this place hardly a holy place, does it?’ the man smirked.

The priest turned red and looked away, thinking fast. Whether he liked it or not, he was bound to help this man, that much of his job he still tried to do. Not always successful, but he did it.

The priest walked to the altar and said a quick prayer over the small bowl of holy water before he dipped his fingers in it and returned to the man on the bench. ‘Begone you evil spirit,’ he said as he made the sign of the faith on the man’s brow.

Nothing happened.

‘I don’t think I am possessed,’ the man said. ‘It is the coat.’

The priest touched the coat and was thrown back to the altar. Groggily he got back to his feet and looked at the man on the bench. ‘That is something new,’ he mumbled.

The man smiled slightly.  ‘I told you that it wasn’t me.’

‘Alright, come back tomorrow. I’ll have to look a few things up, maybe it will work.’

‘But I want to get rid of this damned thing,’ the man complained.

‘I told you I need to look some things up first,’ the priest said in a raised voice. ‘You think I do things like this everyday?’

‘It is your job,’ the man protested weakly getting to his feet. ‘If I am still alive tomorrow I will come back.’

‘Do that and stay away from people at night. Tie yourself up if need be,’ the priest suggested.

The man nodded as he walked out of the church, disillusioned, but with a little bit of hope.


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