Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 9th installment

This coat, he had to get rid of it and fast. His mind worked feverishly, the shelter, he needed to go to the shelter.

He practically ran to the shelter and almost dived into the shower room. Frantically he pulled one arm out of the sleeve when a terrible pain coursed through his body. He fell to his knees, gasping.

The coat knew,’ he thought, getting desperate.

‘I will never get rid of it without dying in the process,’ he mumbled. ‘There must be something to counter the influence of this horrid piece of garment.’

An idea sprang to his mind, the church, maybe there he could find help. He left the centre and walked to the only church in the area. It was a ramshackle building, badly in need of repair.

Entering he saw that nobody was there, but he heard a rythmic moaning in the back. Carefully he walked into the building to find the priest making love to young girl behind the altar. Smiling he stepped back to sit on one of the benches.

He was surprised that the coat didn’t react to him being being here. He had feared that it would hurt him. That it didn’t worried him some. Did that mean that the priest would not be able to help him?

The priest emerged from behind the altar, looking at him with a hint of anger in his eyes.

‘What do you want?’ he asked gruffly.

‘Do you know anything about exorcism?’ he asked bluntly.

The eyes of the priest went a little wide as he sat down next to him. ‘Why do you think you need exorcism?’

The man told what had been happening to him and that he wanted to get rid of the coat.

The priest looked like he didn’t believe him. ‘Are you not imagining things?’ he asked carefully.

‘No, I’m sure I’m not. I will show you.’ he said getting up and pulling an arm up the sleeve. Immediately he doubled over in pain and fell to his knees.

The priest jumped up looking scared. ‘What is this?’ he gasped.

‘That’s what I would like to know too,’ the man said, getting back to his feet.


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