Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 8th installment

Eyes appeared in front of him in total blackness, it was like the lines of a drawing on a black piece of paper, fiery red lines. The eyes looked dangerous and pleased, but threatening at the same time.

He shivered in his sleep and pulled the coat tighter around him, is if that would protect him from what he was seeing in his dream. A thunderous laughter sounded in his mind. It wasn’t a pleasant sound, it made him afraid. He wanted badly to wake up, but somehow he didn’t. It was as if he couldn’t.

The eyes shone with glee as it seemed to pick up his fear, the laughter sounded even harder, reverberating through his skull, bouncing of his bones all around his brain.

His hands suddenly grew claws, long yellow thick and hard nails. What was happening to him? Why had he ever picked up this coat?

He woke up with a start and saw that he was not in the same place as where he had fallen asleep. He was covered by a few boxes and felt the drizzle on his face. What was he doing here? How did he get here anyway? Had he been sleepwalking? He had never done that before. Had the coat made him sleepwalk? Looking around he saw only rubble and dirt.

Slowly he sat up and wanted to rub his eyes when he saw that his hands were covered with dried blood. Shocked he looked at them and frowned. What had he done? Again he looked around to see if he could find any blood trail, but there was only the rubble and dirt.

He cupped his hands to fill them with water and wash them. He wondered if his face was also covered in blood and cupped his hands again to look at his image in the water.

No, his face was clean, well as clean as could be for someone in his position. With a grunt he got to his feet and wondered why he wasn’t hungry. Usually he felt hungry in the morning, but now he didn’t. Well, it would safe him buying breakfast.

He started to walk towards the park when he saw something between the rubble that made him shiver and gasp. Slowly and carefully he moved closer to take a better look. Between two boxes was the body of a naked woman covered with deep and bloody gashes.

He turned and threw up. He was certain that he had something to do with this as most of his horrid dream came back to him.


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