Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 7th installment

The light revealed ripped open boxes and clothes all around and hundreds of buzzing flies, big fat flies. He stepped back, if only to get away from the horrible stench, he now recognised as coming from long dead bodies.

Were there dead bodies inside? If so were they animal or human? He had to find out and felt in his pocket, hoping to find a handkerchief or something like that. His hand closed around a piece of cloth that he took out and tied in front of his face. He felt an uncommon urge to investigate the container.

Carefully he stepped inside, swapping away the flies that seemed to assault him as he, apparently, disturbed them. There were boxes everywhere. In the beginning they were ripped open and the clothes were thrown around, but deeper into the container the boxes were still closed and neatly stacked.

Then he saw what he had feared to see. Three dead bodies, covered in bloody gashes. Did something live in here that did that? He recognised one of the half gone faces by the strangely shaped nose. They were all women. He frowned at that. Why only women? The one he had found after he had found his coat was a woman. The one found this morning was also a woman.

He picked up a piece of clothing and tried to find a label, there wasn’t any, but as the man he had met earlier had said, the quality was good, just like his coat.

Slowly he backed out of the container, feeling sick. What was happening here? What was doing all this? He was no step closer to any kind of answer of why he couldn’t take his coat off without feeling so much pain.

It was late, he wanted to get some sleep. Looking around he saw an open door to a building and went inside. The flashlight made it possible for him to see what was there, which was nothing, besides dust and dirt on the floor. He saw a stair in the back and went up the creaking steps. The space there was as desolate as below, but cleaner.

Het settled in a corner and pulled  the coat tightly around him. He hoped he would be able to get some sleep this night, the sight of the dead bodies still haunted him.

Closing his eyes he slowly drifted off to sleep, but his dreams were frightening this night.



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