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Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 11th installment

The priest sat on the bench the man had vacated and felt all over his robe as the girl came from behind the altar handing him a joint. The priest took it and inhaled deeply.

‘What was that all about?’ the girl asked sitting down next to him.

‘Some man with a possessed coat,’ he mumbled.

‘Probably from that container that was dumped down south. They found two dead bodies in there a few days ago,’ she said inhaling deeply from her own joint.

‘What container?’ the priest asked. ‘Where did it come from?’

‘Don’t know for sure,’ she said, ‘but I think from one of those cheap labour countries in the west.’

He frowned and scratched his chin while inhaling deeply again. ‘Can you go to that container for me and find out where it came from. If possible the name of the company as well?’

‘Sure,’ she said, getting to her feet. ‘It will cost you a dinner though.’

He nodded absentmindedly as he too got to his feet. ‘I have to look up something in my books,’ he mumbled, walking to a door in the back of the church.

‘You have books?’ she laughed. ‘Don’t you have it on your computer?’

Smiling he turned.’Some old stuff is only to be found in books, dear. Now get you going so I can do my thing.’

He threw the butt of the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it as he opened the door and went inside. He heaved a big sigh as he got an extremely old book from the shelf. He carefully placed it on the table as he sat down behind it and opened it.

He loved the smell of old books. They were so hard to come by these days, where everything was electronic. He looked at the contents page and leafed through the book to the page he thought he needed.

The title of the chapter said: The Inherent Evil from the West.


Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 10th installment

‘You don’t need a priest, you need a shrink,’ the priest said. ‘This is all in your head and you are reacting to it.’

The man looked up at the priest for a moment. ‘No, I’m sure I don’t. I go to sleep one place and wake up at another with a dead body not too far away.’

The priest took a step back. ‘Usually things like that,’ he pointed at the coat, ‘react to being in a holy place, why doesn’t it react now?’

‘You were screwing a young girl from the streets, that makes this place hardly a holy place, does it?’ the man smirked.

The priest turned red and looked away, thinking fast. Whether he liked it or not, he was bound to help this man, that much of his job he still tried to do. Not always successful, but he did it.

The priest walked to the altar and said a quick prayer over the small bowl of holy water before he dipped his fingers in it and returned to the man on the bench. ‘Begone you evil spirit,’ he said as he made the sign of the faith on the man’s brow.

Nothing happened.

‘I don’t think I am possessed,’ the man said. ‘It is the coat.’

The priest touched the coat and was thrown back to the altar. Groggily he got back to his feet and looked at the man on the bench. ‘That is something new,’ he mumbled.

The man smiled slightly.  ‘I told you that it wasn’t me.’

‘Alright, come back tomorrow. I’ll have to look a few things up, maybe it will work.’

‘But I want to get rid of this damned thing,’ the man complained.

‘I told you I need to look some things up first,’ the priest said in a raised voice. ‘You think I do things like this everyday?’

‘It is your job,’ the man protested weakly getting to his feet. ‘If I am still alive tomorrow I will come back.’

‘Do that and stay away from people at night. Tie yourself up if need be,’ the priest suggested.

The man nodded as he walked out of the church, disillusioned, but with a little bit of hope.

Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 9th installment

This coat, he had to get rid of it and fast. His mind worked feverishly, the shelter, he needed to go to the shelter.

He practically ran to the shelter and almost dived into the shower room. Frantically he pulled one arm out of the sleeve when a terrible pain coursed through his body. He fell to his knees, gasping.

The coat knew,’ he thought, getting desperate.

‘I will never get rid of it without dying in the process,’ he mumbled. ‘There must be something to counter the influence of this horrid piece of garment.’

An idea sprang to his mind, the church, maybe there he could find help. He left the centre and walked to the only church in the area. It was a ramshackle building, badly in need of repair.

Entering he saw that nobody was there, but he heard a rythmic moaning in the back. Carefully he walked into the building to find the priest making love to young girl behind the altar. Smiling he stepped back to sit on one of the benches.

He was surprised that the coat didn’t react to him being being here. He had feared that it would hurt him. That it didn’t worried him some. Did that mean that the priest would not be able to help him?

The priest emerged from behind the altar, looking at him with a hint of anger in his eyes.

‘What do you want?’ he asked gruffly.

‘Do you know anything about exorcism?’ he asked bluntly.

The eyes of the priest went a little wide as he sat down next to him. ‘Why do you think you need exorcism?’

The man told what had been happening to him and that he wanted to get rid of the coat.

The priest looked like he didn’t believe him. ‘Are you not imagining things?’ he asked carefully.

‘No, I’m sure I’m not. I will show you.’ he said getting up and pulling an arm up the sleeve. Immediately he doubled over in pain and fell to his knees.

The priest jumped up looking scared. ‘What is this?’ he gasped.

‘That’s what I would like to know too,’ the man said, getting back to his feet.

Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 8th installment

Eyes appeared in front of him in total blackness, it was like the lines of a drawing on a black piece of paper, fiery red lines. The eyes looked dangerous and pleased, but threatening at the same time.

He shivered in his sleep and pulled the coat tighter around him, is if that would protect him from what he was seeing in his dream. A thunderous laughter sounded in his mind. It wasn’t a pleasant sound, it made him afraid. He wanted badly to wake up, but somehow he didn’t. It was as if he couldn’t.

The eyes shone with glee as it seemed to pick up his fear, the laughter sounded even harder, reverberating through his skull, bouncing of his bones all around his brain.

His hands suddenly grew claws, long yellow thick and hard nails. What was happening to him? Why had he ever picked up this coat?

He woke up with a start and saw that he was not in the same place as where he had fallen asleep. He was covered by a few boxes and felt the drizzle on his face. What was he doing here? How did he get here anyway? Had he been sleepwalking? He had never done that before. Had the coat made him sleepwalk? Looking around he saw only rubble and dirt.

Slowly he sat up and wanted to rub his eyes when he saw that his hands were covered with dried blood. Shocked he looked at them and frowned. What had he done? Again he looked around to see if he could find any blood trail, but there was only the rubble and dirt.

He cupped his hands to fill them with water and wash them. He wondered if his face was also covered in blood and cupped his hands again to look at his image in the water.

No, his face was clean, well as clean as could be for someone in his position. With a grunt he got to his feet and wondered why he wasn’t hungry. Usually he felt hungry in the morning, but now he didn’t. Well, it would safe him buying breakfast.

He started to walk towards the park when he saw something between the rubble that made him shiver and gasp. Slowly and carefully he moved closer to take a better look. Between two boxes was the body of a naked woman covered with deep and bloody gashes.

He turned and threw up. He was certain that he had something to do with this as most of his horrid dream came back to him.

Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 7th installment

The light revealed ripped open boxes and clothes all around and hundreds of buzzing flies, big fat flies. He stepped back, if only to get away from the horrible stench, he now recognised as coming from long dead bodies.

Were there dead bodies inside? If so were they animal or human? He had to find out and felt in his pocket, hoping to find a handkerchief or something like that. His hand closed around a piece of cloth that he took out and tied in front of his face. He felt an uncommon urge to investigate the container.

Carefully he stepped inside, swapping away the flies that seemed to assault him as he, apparently, disturbed them. There were boxes everywhere. In the beginning they were ripped open and the clothes were thrown around, but deeper into the container the boxes were still closed and neatly stacked.

Then he saw what he had feared to see. Three dead bodies, covered in bloody gashes. Did something live in here that did that? He recognised one of the half gone faces by the strangely shaped nose. They were all women. He frowned at that. Why only women? The one he had found after he had found his coat was a woman. The one found this morning was also a woman.

He picked up a piece of clothing and tried to find a label, there wasn’t any, but as the man he had met earlier had said, the quality was good, just like his coat.

Slowly he backed out of the container, feeling sick. What was happening here? What was doing all this? He was no step closer to any kind of answer of why he couldn’t take his coat off without feeling so much pain.

It was late, he wanted to get some sleep. Looking around he saw an open door to a building and went inside. The flashlight made it possible for him to see what was there, which was nothing, besides dust and dirt on the floor. He saw a stair in the back and went up the creaking steps. The space there was as desolate as below, but cleaner.

Het settled in a corner and pulled  the coat tightly around him. He hoped he would be able to get some sleep this night, the sight of the dead bodies still haunted him.

Closing his eyes he slowly drifted off to sleep, but his dreams were frightening this night.