Somewhere, someplace, sometime;6th installment

As he could breath again, he sat on a small pile of rubble, trying to recover his composure.

This coat was obviously something more than just a coat. Whenever he did something the coat felt was wrong it reacted by giving him pain, but on the other hand it gave him money to buy food. What was going on here?

He saw a discarded cigarette and picked it up, he had given up smoking long ago, but now felt he needed it badly. In his right pocket he found a lighter. Inhaling deeply, he closed his eyes and waited for the dizzy spell to pass. Blowing out the smoke he began to think.

He had found a dead body not far from where he had found the coat and this morning a body was found that looked more or less like the one he had seen near the coat. Was there a connection?

Had the body he had found near the coat been the previous owner that had discarded it with dire consequences? Possibly. He had tasted blood in his mouth waking up this morning. Had he killed that woman without even knowing it?

The coat didn’t like it when he tried to take it off, it didn’t like it when he earned money by doing an honest day’s work. What sort of coat was this anyway?  Was it possessed?

He needed information, but where would he be able to find information about this particular coat? He had not searched it for a label. If it had a label he might be able to learn something, but that meant taking the coat off and it wouldn’t allow that.

He got an idea and walked deeper into the alley where he saw another homeless person digging through the garbage.

‘Can you do me a favour?’ he asked. ‘Can you look at the neck of my coat to see if there’s a label there?’

The man raised his eyebrows as he bent over to offer him the neck of his coat. He felt the man lifting the collar.

‘Nothing there,’ the man said, ‘but it looks like a coat coming from the east side.’

‘The east side?’

‘Yes, a container with clothing was dumped there, good quality clothing, but most of it is still there, nobody seems to want it, as if something is wrong with it,’ the man said, digging through the garbage again.

‘Thank you,’ he said, ‘thank you very much.’

He walked away, heading to the east side. It would be dark by the time he would get there, but he didn’t care. He had found a lead and would follow up on it. So far the coat didn’t react, so he felt safe enough.

It was late by the time he reached his destination. He saw a twenty foot container, half on its side with open doors blocking the exit of the alley. On the side was an outlandish name he didn’t recognise. That didn’t mean anything as most clothes were imported nowadays.

Feeling inside his pocket he found a flashlight and turned it on, looking at the container very carefully. He felt something, but that could also be his anticipation, he did take notice of it though.

Very carefully he looked inside the container and covered his nose as an awfull smell came from it.


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