Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 5th installment

He walked away from the gruesome sight,not feeling like eating anymore. Still his body asked for food as his stomach grumbled loudly. Shivering from the sight he walked towards the park feeling nice and warm in his coat.

It was early yet, but there were alredy people in the park, some running others on their way to work. Some stopped at the cart he was heading for to buy some breakfast.

He ordered two croissants and paid the man, who looked a little surprised. He had seen some homeless people in his time and often gave them a croissant for free, that this man paid for it was something new.

Munching on his croissant he walked over to the lake where he sat down on old tree trunk that served as a bench. He wanted to take a shower, but could he? Would he be able to take off his coat for that? He also wanted to shave. Maybe the supermarket down the street could use some help for the day.

In the homeless centre he locked the door to the bathroom and carefully started to pull his arm out of the sleeve. Nothing happened. Sighing with relieve he carefully pulled his other arm out, again nothing happened.

After his shave and shower he felt a lot better and started out for the supermarket. There was no sign for help wanted, so he walked to the back where the deliveries were made. A sour looking man stood by the door, smoking a cigarette.

‘Do you perhaps need a hand for the day?’ he asked carefully.

The man looked him up and down and frowned before he said; ‘Yes, I could use a pair of hands. I will pay you fifty if you help unlaoding the lorries that make the deliveries. Make a mistake and you are out of here.’

‘Thank you. I will work hard, you’ll see.’

At the end of the day he felt good about himself. He had worked hard and felt he had truly earned his fifty, but why was the coat feeling a little strange right now? It looked as if the coat was trying to squeeze him, as if it wasn’t pleased with what he had done.

The tighter he held on to his hard earned money the tighter the coat began press around him. At last he put the money in his trousers, but the coat didn’t stop. It began to hurt as a drizzle began to fall from the overcast sky.

He stopped in an alley, gasping for breath. Why was the coat doing this to him? He had done nothing wrong, he might even go back there tomorrow and work again to make a living.

At that thought the coat pulled so tight around him he moaned and fell to his knees.

‘Alright,’ he wheezed, ‘I won’t go back there.’

Immediately the pressure of the coat got less.



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