Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 3rd installment

He savoured his drink for as long as he could, but he knew he had to get back out there eventually. Where would his bed be this night? Without thinking he put his hand in his pocket and found a businesscard in his hand.

Frowning he took it out and looked at it. He knew the hotel mentioned on it and he also knew they would never let him in. Then a smile creased his face. Next to the hotel was an abandoned warehouse, there he would be dry and out of the wind for the night. With a little luck there wood be some wood so he could make a small fire that would keep him warm through the night.

At last his drink was finished. He felt better than he had felt in a long time. He smiled at the barkeeper and turned to leave, when he saw a woman sitting by the door. He didn’t know why, but she caused a stirring whithin him. The woman wasn’t particularly pretty, kind of everage actually.

He shrugged his shoulders, pulled his coat tightly around him and stepped out into the drizzle to make his way to the abondoned warehouse next to the hotel.

As he walked he looked to the end of an alley to see the city where the real life took place. There people lived with jobs and a bright look at the future. Would he be one of them in the time to come? Did he dare to go there and apply for a job? Get a decent place to place live in?

Tomorrow he would see, for now he only wanted a dry place to sleep, out of the wind and the perpetual drizzle. Approaching the warehouse he saw it was dark, which meant he would be alone there and that suited him fine. He didn’t want any company, they would only ask him question about his fine new coat, even if it were people he had never seen or met before.

The door creaked on old hinges that needed some oil as he opened it. The space he entered was dark and  littered with rubble, including some wooden things. He gathered some of it in a  corner. He went looking for some other stuff to make a bed and half an hour later he looked at a small pile of cloth and old blankets. It didn’t really smell so nice, but it would do for him.

With an old lighter he started a small fire and kept feeding small pieces to it until it really burned and he smiled as he stretched out his hands to the warm flames.

Sighing contently he got to his feet and wanted to take off his coat when a painful jolt shot through his body. He grimaced and looked surprised. Again he made a move to take off the coat and doubled over with pain.

What was happening here? Why couldn’t he take off his new coat without feeling such pain?



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