Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 2nd installment

Stumbling through the garbage he made his way to a section where there was not so much rubble and took long strides to get where he was going. He saw some more homeless people on his way and waved to some of them.

Some were hiding under pieces of plastic, others huddled around barrels with fires in it. Looking at them he felt more and more comfortable in his new coat. He also started to feel loathing for his brethren, something that he had never felt before.

He was surprised at himself, why did he feel that? He was just like them, only, he now had a good and warm coat, was that why he suddenly felt himself a better man than them?

He smelled the stink of the alley’s as if for the first time and wrinkled his nose. Had he truly been living in this shithole all of his life? Why had he done nothing to change his life?

‘No education,’ he mumbled softly. ‘That is what it comes down to, education. Maybe I should go to school and try to learn something.’

He could see the bright light from the bar he was heading for and soon after heard the screaming music coming through the open door. Beside that door a filthy, stinking woman with clotted hair was snoring loudly. The smell of cheap alcohol was hard to miss as he walked passed her.

As it was rather late there were not many people inside, most people here hardly had any money to buy drinks anyway. Slowly he walked over to the bar. The barkeeper gave him a quick look and nod and returned his attention to polishing glasses.

‘A glass of grinnitch, please,’ the man said softly.

The barkeeper looked at him again before slowly walking over to the man, looking quizically. He got a glass and a bottle and poured the man the requested drink.

The man put the needed coins on the bar and smelled the drink, expecting the cheap imitation stuff that got you drunk fast and sick the next morning. To his enormous surprise he smelled that this was the true stuff. He could smell the oak it had been vermented on and the peat it had been burnt over.

Very carefully he took a sip. The taste was as it should be, fine, full and sharp. He rolled the sip through his mouth and savoured the taste as long as he could, it had been so long ago.

He smiled as he swallowed, the barkeeper looked at the bottle with raised eyebrows before he put it back and went back to polishing his glasses.

The man started to feel like a man again. He was warm and dry and now had a good coat to keep him like that. He had to get out of this place though, to turn his life around, to do some unbelievable things.


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