Somewhere, someplace, sometime; 1st installment

The breeze from the west was cold, the almost perpetual drizzle added to its discomfort as the man walked, shivering, through the alley of the big city.

Dirt and rubble were strewn everywhere so that the main streets remained clean. The garbage disposal services didn’t get here to clean it all up and the people living in these areas simply dumped their waste in the alley’s, just to be rid of it.

His flimsy jacket did not much to keep him dry and warm, he wished he had a decent coat so he would, at least, be warm. His eyes noticed something up ahead in the twilight while the vehicels of the well to do whizzed high over head.

There on top of a barrel was a long black coat. It looked a bit ragged, but it was certainly better than the jacket he was wearing. He looked around to see if anyone was there, but he saw nobody and picked up the coat to take a better look at it.

It only had one pocket, he saw, but it was thick and though it looked ragged, it was in reasonable good condition. He took his jacket off and pulled the coat on. A strange feeling went through him for a second, but then he felt that the wind and the drizzle didn’t get to him anymore.

With his left hand he pulled the coat, that had no buttons, over his chest, with his right in the pocket he pushed that side over his left hand. The pocket, he felt, was full of holes, but it kept his hand warm.

Feeling better by the minute he sighed content and walked on. He had only taken a few steps when he stopped and frowned. Did he see correctly? Carefully he stepped forward, over some rubble to take a better look and was shocked.

There, between the rubble, lay a dead body that was apparently raked by claws from head to foot. Clothes had been torn and ripped, deep bloody gashes covered the body. The face had been ripped away completely.

Quickly he turned around. It was not uncommon to find dead bodies in the alley’s, he had seen his share of them, but this was something else. Should he call the police? What was the use, they wouldn’t come anyway, the body would decompose and be eaten by the rats and other vermin, besides that, who would miss a body found in the alley’s?

Shivering, though this time from the sight of the body, he wished he could afford himself a drink, he could use one right now. As he thought about it he felt coins in his right hand and frowned. Pulling his hand from his pocket he opened it and looked amazed at the coins there.

He knew a sleezy bar not too far away and decided to go there. A good glass of grinnitch would do wonders right now. It would make him nice and warm inside and he would forget the horrible sight he had seen.



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