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The promised nemesis; from the Claws of the Earth

The soldier had found fifty men that were on leave and had gathered them to get their comrades away from the sisters. They had encircled the grounds and watched, in various stages, of horror and stunning at the apathic men that walked on the arms of the sisters. Somwhere they saw an officer on his knees, crying with his hands folded in front of him.

‘He’s your saviour,’ the sister lectured him. ‘He can forgive you your sins and make you a better man. He is our blessed…..’ he voice faltered as a sharp piece of cold metal came to rest at her throat. She swallowed visibly as fear shone from her eyes.

‘Snap out of it, sir,’ the soldier said gruffly.’Before you are enslaved again as you were by the Hooded One.’

The officer looked up, blinking his eyes, now the enthralling voice was silent.

‘It was strange,’ the officer said, apparently waking up. ‘It was as if I was dreaming. Dreaming of peace and tranquility.’

The sister was about to speak when the added pressure of the cold steel stopped her.

‘They broke their oath to the king, sir. He sent us here to get you all out.’

‘Put that blade away young man, this instant,’ the leading sister came half running. ‘No weapons are allowed on these holy grounds.’

‘Take one step closer and an arrow will pierce your heart,’ the soldier said menacingly as he saw all the sisters look his way.

The woman stopped, a look of caution on her face.

‘Release these men of your spells, now!’

‘These men are not under any kind of spell, young man,’ she said. ‘They have seen and felt the power of our savious, the one true god and have chosen to follow his ways.’

‘Sir?’ the soldier asked.

Both women tensed, nervously. The officer had been the hardest to convert and just as they were at the point of breaking him the king’s soldiers were showing up.

‘Pray to Ananeya, sir,’ the soldier suggested. ‘You know she answers your prayers and will help you get back to yourself.’

Anger burned from the mother superiors eyes as the officer called on the warrior goddess. A warm red glow sprang up around him, to the amazement of the sisters, some of them cried out in fear.

The officer got to his feet, shaking his head to clear it. The glow vanished as he looked at the leading sister. ‘You nearly succeeded in converting me with your evil spells, woman,’ he growled threateningly at the stupefied and clearly frightened woman.


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