From The Claws of the Earth Part I

Mintor waited long seconds in anticipation, then he, suddenly, yanked the door open and stormed in. Immediately he was besieged in his mind by horrifying images of an enormous reptilian snout sticking out of a hood in which menacing green eyes blinked. Razor sharp teeth glinted in the open maw waiting to snap at him.

With difficulty he managed to push the images aside as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the statuette at the altar at the end of the centre aisle. His blade glowed like sunlight, but yet no spell was trying take him.

With all his strength he lifted the blade and brought it down on the Hooded One, cleaving the image in twain.

The visions that had assaulted him vanished with a horrifying scream from the hood.

Breathing heavily he leant on his blade, a happy smile on his face. He had faced the Hooded One and bested him, it made him feel good about himself.

Slowly he turned to look at the door where he saw a petrified, blinking, Ananeya. The soldiers were on the ground, covering their faces, though now it was over the slowly began to recover.



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