Heir of Merlin, by Q.S. Kahn. A review

Serene Calloway’s life’s flame is all but extinguished. She lives in a crappy apartment, has louzy job and no relatives anymore. Her parents have been brutally killed and the aunt that raised her died of cancer. She goes through life like an automaton.

Then she decides to through everything overboard and start anew. She wants to move and, miraculously she meets a woman in a coffeshop that has a house for rent in the middle of nowhere.

Serene goes there to find herself in a nice little town. She gets a job at a hardware store and finds a friend who puts her in a new wardrobe. Serene begins to live again. She also meets an obnoxious man on a motorcycle, Blake. One part of her hates him, yet another part is strangely attracted to him.

One night something happens that turns her life completely around. She finds out she is the heir of Merlin, the ancient most powerful wizard ever. Now she faces the challenge of unlocking her magical powers and none other then the obnoxious Blake has to help her.

This is a very nice book, it reads easily and most pleasantly. It is easy to picture in ones mind what the scenery looks like and what the characters look like. It is a promise for the parts yet to come. A must read for fantasy lovers.

By B.; author of The Claws of the Earth.





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