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The eve of battle; from Claws of the Earth Part I

In the dark moonless night five ships glided soundlesly up the river. Anchors were lowered carefully into the river so no splashes could be heard. Planks, covered in sheets to muffle the sounds, were put in position by the light of shuttered lanterns. When all was ready a signal was given.

The Dog ordered a group of archers to the furthest ship to provide cover fire, if necessary. Then came the first man to go ashore on the opposite bank.

The Dog wanted about two-hundred men already there before the main body would go over to cover the landing. Mintor had argued about the difficulty of doing so in the dead of night, but agreed in the end with the commander.


Their shoes and boots covered with rags the men carfefully walked over the planks to be helped down by the sailors on each ship. Planks had been driven, two feet deep, into the hard packed earth of the steep bank where men could climb up with the help of ropes dropped by the first over.

Quickly the troops formed a protective perimeter on the height and settled in for the rest of the night.

Many soldiers were surprised to see the Dog coming over the edge as the last one.

‘Think you I’m going to mis all the fun,’ he smiled at the soldier who helped him, who smiled back.

Mintor shook his head, smiling, as he learned later that night that the Dog had sneaked over. On the other hand he was glad he had, for he feared a commander like him might be needed.


From The Claws of the Earth Part I

Mintor waited long seconds in anticipation, then he, suddenly, yanked the door open and stormed in. Immediately he was besieged in his mind by horrifying images of an enormous reptilian snout sticking out of a hood in which menacing green eyes blinked. Razor sharp teeth glinted in the open maw waiting to snap at him.

With difficulty he managed to push the images aside as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the statuette at the altar at the end of the centre aisle. His blade glowed like sunlight, but yet no spell was trying take him.

With all his strength he lifted the blade and brought it down on the Hooded One, cleaving the image in twain.

The visions that had assaulted him vanished with a horrifying scream from the hood.

Breathing heavily he leant on his blade, a happy smile on his face. He had faced the Hooded One and bested him, it made him feel good about himself.

Slowly he turned to look at the door where he saw a petrified, blinking, Ananeya. The soldiers were on the ground, covering their faces, though now it was over the slowly began to recover.


Heir of Merlin, by Q.S. Kahn. A review

Serene Calloway’s life’s flame is all but extinguished. She lives in a crappy apartment, has louzy job and no relatives anymore. Her parents have been brutally killed and the aunt that raised her died of cancer. She goes through life like an automaton.

Then she decides to through everything overboard and start anew. She wants to move and, miraculously she meets a woman in a coffeshop that has a house for rent in the middle of nowhere.

Serene goes there to find herself in a nice little town. She gets a job at a hardware store and finds a friend who puts her in a new wardrobe. Serene begins to live again. She also meets an obnoxious man on a motorcycle, Blake. One part of her hates him, yet another part is strangely attracted to him.

One night something happens that turns her life completely around. She finds out she is the heir of Merlin, the ancient most powerful wizard ever. Now she faces the challenge of unlocking her magical powers and none other then the obnoxious Blake has to help her.

This is a very nice book, it reads easily and most pleasantly. It is easy to picture in ones mind what the scenery looks like and what the characters look like. It is a promise for the parts yet to come. A must read for fantasy lovers.

By B.; author of The Claws of the Earth.




Marketing Hell

Self Publishing is the way to publish your books these days, as the renomated publishers only want to burn their hands on books they think will make it. So everybody can publish a book now, but that doesn’t mean you will be successful.

If one goes through the proces of self-publishing one should keep in mind that one should also be an expert on marketing, if you are not your book won’t make it, no matter how good it is.

The assistant marketing teams of the self-publishing companies do a lot to help you in that area, but a lot of things they say are easier said than done. One has it, marketing skills that is, or one doesn’t. The publishers say it gets easier and easier when you are at it, but they are wrong. If one doesn’t have it one will never get it.

As a result your books will probably never get out there and be sold in numbers.

This is something future writers should consider before they think about publishing a book through self-publishing. How good am I in marketing? Do I have it in me to spend most of my time on twitter, facebook and whatever social media you can find. Do I have it to go out into the street to spread flyers of my book? Do I have the skills and the time to do all that?

If you don’t, simply write your book and put it in your bookcase and lend it out to whoever would like to read it, because otherwise you just spend a lot of money and time in getting nowhere.

Books, like mine, are well like by the people that have read them, but because I completely lack any kind of marketing skills the chance that the books will get out there are extremely small.

If you want to take a shot at them, here they are:


3D_Claws of the Earth part II

clawsiii Claws of the Earth Part III


https://www.facebook/The Claws of the Earth Part IV