A battle, from The Claws of the Earth Part I


The power of the Hooded One struck out again at those who were not his servants.

Mintor reeled at the sudden attack, Ananeya staggered. The duke collapsed on the bench and the dukes soldiers cringed.

Before Ananeya could call out to pray to her the Hooded One lashed out so forcefully she was brought to her knees.

Mintor screamed as his shoulder burned, blood gushed out of the wound. He felt the power of his blade and tried to focus it on his shoulder as his mind was battered by the compelling voice of the Hooded One, telling him to give in so the pain would stop and all would be well.

Ananeya struggled to bring to bare her own divine power, but she was weakened by the earlier battle. ‘Pray to me,’ she whispered, not being able to speak out loud.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she felt she was very slowly overwhelmed. ‘PRAY!,’ she shouted.

Two soldiers, who still had some will of their own, fell to their knees and prayed with all their might to the young woman.

Immediately a soft red glow sprang up around Ananeya, but it was very small and very soft.

One of the black-armoured soldiers lashed out with the flat his sword. The glow sent a streak of lightning up the soldiers arm, but the force of the blow carried the sword to Ananeya’s head.

The soldier screamed and let go of his sword as Ananeya slumped to the floor. The glow vanished.

Mintor could fight no more. The loss of blood, forming a big puddle on the stones, sapped his waning strength. He succumbed.


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