A review; by George Fenton

I bought the book, The Claws of the Earth Part I, on a whim and placed it on a bookshelf to forget about it. When I was at home, alone, one night I picked it up, poured myself a drink and started to read it.

That was a big mistake. The picture drawn with words in the opening was so true and real that I immediately saw in my minds eye. I saw the struggling character of the Dog and felt his pain and anguish.

Every scene that followed made it so easy to see in my head that I felt being in the world of the book. The characters became real to me too.

The writing is easy to follow, though the grammar rattles a bit here and there. It was hard to put the book down once I started and I did finish it within a few days, craving for more. I learned that more parts have been published and I will buy them as I want to know what will happen to the people living inside that book.

What the book is about? Read the blogs on the facebook pages and the blurp on Amazon.com, but I must recommend it to fantasy lovers, you will be swept of your feet.




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