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My first signing session



Last saturday I had my first signing session for the release of Claws of the Earth Part IV The Alignment. It was a small affair, but one has to start somewhere, right?

It was in the library of my hometown Heemskerk in The Netherlands. There was a small article in the local newspaper about it and the people who are already reading my books knew it was coming.

So I set up shop and waited for things to happen. People coming to the library returning books and picking up new ones looked at me and the table and some asked a few questions.

Then the first of my friends arrived and things got a little more lively.



People walking around the library looked a bit surprised, but went on about their business as more friends came in to buy my book.

I found it a very nice experience and hope that in the future it will happen again on a larger scale, if my books ever get out there.

At one time there even was a little que in front of my table.



There were people I had never expected to come and some didn’t show that I had expected, but that’s the way life goes.

Learned a few things about how to set up something like this better next time.

I like to thank the people of the library for their hospitality and kindness for allowing me to do this.







A review; by George Fenton

I bought the book, The Claws of the Earth Part I, on a whim and placed it on a bookshelf to forget about it. When I was at home, alone, one night I picked it up, poured myself a drink and started to read it.

That was a big mistake. The picture drawn with words in the opening was so true and real that I immediately saw in my minds eye. I saw the struggling character of the Dog and felt his pain and anguish.

Every scene that followed made it so easy to see in my head that I felt being in the world of the book. The characters became real to me too.

The writing is easy to follow, though the grammar rattles a bit here and there. It was hard to put the book down once I started and I did finish it within a few days, craving for more. I learned that more parts have been published and I will buy them as I want to know what will happen to the people living inside that book.

What the book is about? Read the blogs on the facebook pages and the blurp on, but I must recommend it to fantasy lovers, you will be swept of your feet.



Autumn, the insirational season

I always love the coming of autumn. The mist that lingers between the branches of trees, giving them weird and sometimes scary forms. Later when the sun does come out the drops of mist form a net of diamonds in a spiders web.

When walking in the forest you can smell the wet earth and the falling leafs and get lost in all the colours that surround you.

It is things like that, that makes a writers mind go into overtime. Suddenly the trees look differently, often, when the fog is thick, it looks like they are trying to grab you. Or the dark shape of one of the scottish higlanders appears suddenly in front of you with its long horns and long shaggy brown coat of hair.

When I sit behind my desk in my attic and I hear the wind howl outside and the rain clatter on the roof there is nothing better than to write and get lost completely in the story you are forging, smoking a nice cigar and drinking a good whisky while doing so, listening to the wonderful music of Mike Oldfield in the background.

At times like that I wish it could be like that always as then I am a very happy man.

I started The Claws of the Earth in the autumn and wrote the best pieces in the autumns that followed


The more I wrote the longer the story got and now part IV is out with the stunning and thrilling conclusion of the first part of the story, don’t miss it, you’ll be sorry if you do.

Claws 4 final cover

It is available through