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The final destination

Claws 4 full cover alt Claws 4 final cover

‘But why?’

‘Don’t yet know Mintor, but I’m sure events in the near future will shed a light on it.’

‘Where shall we get down?’ Yopo asked. ‘By the forest or at the shore of the lake?’

‘We have a lot of weapons now,’ Insah-Bolo replied. ‘I think we can risk landing on the shore.’

‘Alright, they know about the ghouls anyway.’

‘I’m more afraid of what will happen indside the keep,’ Insah-Bolo said. ‘That’s the great unknown.’

‘They faced things like that before, I’m sure,’ Yopo was certain. ‘The blades pick out the people capable of doing what they are supposed to do.’

‘I hope so Yopo, I hope so. For too much depends on them. The thought of their failure is too hard to contemplate.’

‘We be finding some dirturbing news,’ Sunderbahn told Absellah’s back. ‘Something I think you should be knowing.’

‘Keep talking,’ Absellah encouraged the Asselli with a worried tone in his voice.

‘Your emperor be not the rightful emperor.’

Absellah turned around so abruptly he would’ve slipped off the dragon’s back had not Sunderbahn grabbed him to pull him back on.

‘What do you mean?’ the ambassador asked shaken.

‘A general named Fingers be the rightful emperor. We not be spreading this news through the empire though.’

‘Thank the gods fo that,’ Absellah sighed, relieved. ‘The last thing we need is a war of succession.’

‘The chances be great- the general be knowing already.’

‘I know general Fingers to be a man of courage and wisdom, let us hope he uses both in this matter.’

‘What thinking you,’ Bino hummed in the Dog’s ear while hugging him.

‘I’m wondering how much of what the crystal eye showed me about the place is true and also who will be our guide?’

‘Sunderbahn,’ she said.

‘No,’ the Dog shook his head. ‘He would’ve told us. Unless he doesn’t know it yet,’ he mused.

‘Soon all over be,’ she said and sighed.

‘You really think so? We still have a war to win remember?’

She did not answer but hugged him tightly. The Dog smiled and enjoyed her arms around him.

A few hours before sunset, the leading dragon started to go down and they all saw the island with the ruined keep in the distance.