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The Claws of the Earth, a summary sofar.

The Claws of the Earth is an epic saga that contains all the elements of fantasy. Elfin, dwarves, wizards, witches, heroes, magic swords, dragons, strange monsters and gods.

It’s a story about hope, love, friendship, battle and struggle.


An evil god from the icy north, the Hooded One, is trying to take over the kingdom of the Forests when five persons are put together to stop him. A man, a beast-man, and elf, a dragon and a semi-goddess. They all have to work together and find five magical blades, forged by the legendary dwarven smith Weayland. But what to do with them?

They find out bits and pieces of information and learn that the blades have to be taken to the Claws of the Earth. But what are they and where to find them?

The war against the evil god starts with a big battle in the north as the god tries to invade the kingdom. The five travel south to the capital to crown the heir apparent to bring the whole nation under one flag again. They have to fight many big battles on the way and piece together bits and pieces of information they find.

All this happens in Part I; Mintor King.

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In Part II; The library of Menthok-Sikh, the dangerous quest for information and the whereabouts of the Claws of the Earth continues.

The prophesied nemesis, the so called one true god, manifests itself in the south-east of the realm, almost causing another war.

In the empire to the south the Hooded One, called Hodulu there, makes its presence felt and war against him begins. In the deep south a desert tribe leader starts a fight for the independence of his people at the most inconvenient moment.


The five find the lost library and learn many things.

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In Part III; trouble in the South, the quest for knowledge continues.

Claws III - Front Cover Only - 2D

In the empire the desert rebels and the imperial troops clash in a few big battles as the troops of the Hooded One land in the west and swarm over that part of the empire.

The empire and the rebels are forced to work together to face a common enemy.

The illusive, so called true god, tries to set up shop in the eastern kingdom, drawing that counrty into the war as it spreads further.

In the south of the kingdom of the Forests the servants of the Hooded One appear everywhere again to try to regain what they have lost.

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Part IV; The Alignment, is the stunning conclusion to the first half of the story.

Claws 4 Complete design edit Claws 4 full cover alt

Will the five blade carriers and friends find and reach the Claws of the Earth in time to prevent the greater evil, a tremendous powerful evil, in league with the Hooded One, to escape from its magical prison to destroy life on earth?

Armies of the Hooded One swarm over the west of the empire trying to take the border region, the division between the fertile north and the desert south. The empire resists though.

In the eastern realm the, so called true god, does its best to set up shop, but meets with stiff opposition.

All hangs in the balance and the outcome is anything but certain.

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B. weaves a complex plot combining, mystical creatures, rebellion, religion, treachery and war. Readers are treated to a detailed insight into the minds of the main characters as they battle against fear, politics, injury and death. B. manages to skilfully handle parallel plotlines and a vast array of characters, in order to create a story which is truly an intriguing read.

Quotes from readers:

‘This story has more depth than the Lord of the Rings’      P. v/d Pijl

‘It reads like watching a movie’                                            T. Alberts

‘A compelling story from the start’                                        J. Bijl

‘Exiting and gripping from the first word’                              P. Soolsma

‘You are simply drawn into the story’                                   J. Tichelaar

‘A rollercoaster of adventure and action’                              S. Rumping

‘A very good story’                                                                W. Enckhorst

‘An easy and compelling read’                                             E. de Ruiter

‘My son devoured the books’                                               J. Narold

‘The story didn’t get to me, but the way it is written is very good’    F. Slager


The fifth blade; from Part I of The Claws of the Earth


It was twilight when the queens party neared the gates of Korlot. Eventhough they knew the power of the Hooded One was there, nobody felt it as they kept up silent prayers to Yukati.

Yukati had to admit to himself that he relished the prayers, he felt power flow through his veins, he felt he could use even harder spells than just the imperceptable shielding he had put around each person. He felt the spell of the Hooded One pushing harmlesly against it, it was a small spell, but more than enough to keep the common people under it, especially as they had been under it for a long time already.

He felt he could break the spell, but didn’t dare it yet. He feared the violent reaction of the Hooded One would ruin the carefully planned attack and their one chance of success, but as they were winning the battle he would try.

‘Who goes there?’ a voice came from the gate.

‘Your queen, you dimwitt,’ the lady in waiting answered.

It was quiet for a while and when the queen thought they would be denied entrance heavy bolts were heard being pulled aside.

One of the big doors opened silently on well greased hinges and a guard came out. ‘Begging your highness’ pardon, but we have to be careful with the enemy lurking about.’

“You did well my good man. Now let us enter so we can get warm in the palace.’

As they rode into the city they saw preparations for a siege everywhere. The armoury of the king had been opened for the people who were walking around in quilted pieces of armour, some wore chainmail or breastplates.

Lord Guthrun saw that once the army was inside these people wouldn’t stand a chance, he hoped fervently that the power of the Hooded One could be quickly negated so that it would not end in a massacre. Of the towns garrison there were few left as most had fought in the battle to destroy Mintor’s army.

He exchanged a quick glance with Yukati seeing they were thinking the same thing, a quick look at Najir told him that the dragon had also seen it. A look at the queen showed pity for the people.

Riding onto the square where the remnants of the burned cathedral showed skeletal in the dying light they saw tha massive new statue of the Hooded One.

‘So you’ve come back to me, my queen,’ it sounded inside Lanoya’s head.

She bowed her head, as did the others and answered inside her head that she had returned to the father of the rightful heir.

The Hooded One laughed and said she was ever so welcome to see the siege of the false pretender fail.

She snickered; ‘Yes, it will be a glorious day to see this rebellion turned into dust.’

As they entered the throne room they were greeted by Raven and his assistant and food and drink.

Najir’s eyes were immediately drawn to the blade hanging over the chimney.


A new friend? From The Claws of the Earth Part IV

Claws 4 full cover alt

The ink stain moved east inexorably, its tentacles prodding north and south, making it hard for general Rimyar to stay unnoticed. Luckily the desert army knew the desert well so they vanished when it was needed.

‘There,’ Pointed Baringo. ‘A detachment is going south. We can cut it off and destroy them.’

Rimyar nodded. ‘That’s all we can do. Chipping away at the edges without causing any real damage.’

‘We caused them to stop for three days after your raid on the supply train,’ Baringo smiled, keeping up hope.

‘That we did. We need another move like that,’ Rimyar said.

‘The weather is changing,’ Baringo smiled widely. ‘The wind is shifting to the east.’

Rimyar’s face lit up. ‘You are right. I had not noticed, but that will definitely give us the opportunity to do some real damage.’

Baringo nodded, smiling. ‘We do need to prepare though, something like this is not to be taken lightly.’

‘You are right, of course,’ Rimyar said, now almost beaming.

It was the next day that the forst portends were there. Little whirlwinds of sand here and there warned all the desert born of what was to come. The tribes moving around gathered all thier things and headed for hideouts. Waterholes were covered up so they could easily be reached again, and marked so that only desert people knew what to look for.

The commander of the ink stain noticed the change in the wind and grumbled that it was now facing them. It meant a lot more maintenance on the armour as the sand crept into all the joints.

The next day was the same, only the weather was twice as worse as the day before. The whirlwinds were bigger now and started to be lashing everything like flying sandpaper.

Rimyar and Baringo, with covered faces, looked to the east, where they knew their natural help was coming from. By the end of the day they finally saw what they had been looking for.