A rather unexpected setback; from The Claws of the Earth Part I


Najir flew slowly over the forest, keeping an eye on the eastern horizon for the first flicker of dawn. In the distance the city could be seen by the fire that was still raging, though it seemed contained now.

The moment the eastern sky began to show light, Najir swooped down and felt like he had flown into a wall.

The force of the Hooded One  was enormous. With great difficulty he managed to stay airborne while the Dog and Yukati only managed to stay on his back by digging their hands into the scales. Then Najir and Yukati saw what they had feared to see.

‘Blaubers,’ they both cried at the moment the Dog fired a shot from his rifle, killing one.

Seconds after that shot was fired Najir was hit hard by a force, even though Yukati had managed to soften the blow somewhat.

He spiralled down to earth trying to regain control over his muscles and mind. The Dog barely managed to hold on.

‘Yukati, help!’ he cried as he started to slip.

The god of magic grabbed the Dog’s wrist and held on if his life depended on it, but he felt the Dog’s wrist slipping from his grasp.

‘Don’t attack,’ the Dog cried when Najir managed to level himself again. ‘Get the Gorikken to fight the Blaubers.’

The Dog threw his gun on Najir’s back the moment his hand slipped from Yukati’s grasp.

‘Dog!’ Najir cried as he veered away from the city. They saw the Dog land hard on the ground.

Najir gained hight and made a turn as they saw men come from the gates to capture the Dog who climbed slowly back to his feet.


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