Interview with a writer

Yours sincerely had a meeting with Bas Bastinck, B., who works as my collegue at Detail Result, the distribution centre for a chain of supermarkets, at the expedition. As I like to run he likes to write fantasy books.


As he completed his present book he invited me and some readers to celebrate the fact for a drink and a snack.

After a short speech by the author of how the work came to be he was asked several questions, like; where did the inspiration come from; how long did it take him to finish a part; why did he write all 3000 pages by hand instead of putting them directly into the computer?

To all these questions Bas had an asnwer. His inspiration comes from long walks in the forest. The time needed to write a part is different but a few months for sure. As to the question why everything by hand the answer is: ‘To hear the scratching of my fountain pen on the paper, to smell the ink, that’s what real writing should be.’


The books are written in English in the line of “The Lord of the Rings”, though one reader says Bas’ books have a lot more depth.

From chapter one the book captures you, but to say you will finish part 1 in one go is a little too much as it numbers 679 pages. The other parts all number around 300 pages.

Claws III - Front Cover Only - 2D

After some pressing Bas allowed me to folow him to his attic where all thoughts came together and were put to paper. With a good whisky and a good cigar he sat there evening after evening writing.

The result is a great series with three parts published and part IV on the way.

Those who are interested in this magnificent series take a look on FB The Claws of the Earth; or on; or on

Have a lot of fun reading.



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