A frightening bit of news; from The Claws of the Earth Part IV

Claws 4 full cover

Straightening her creaking back, Noala put her quill down and ordered her papers. ‘Will you join me?’ she asked.

Riolany sat down and poured wine into two cups and put plates in front of Noala and herself.

‘You’ll be amazed at the amount of information hidden in all these books,’ Noala spoke, while putting a spoonful of baked potatoes on her plate. ‘And even the information within the information.’

Riolany raised her eyebrows.

‘You know about the system Najir worked out to find information?’

Riolany nodded. ‘Not in any kind of detail, but I know if it, yes.’

‘Well, I found out with a system like that, only a little more complex. You can find even more things in the information already found.’

‘Pray, continue,’ Riolany said, a she took a bite. ‘After you have eaten something.’

‘What? Oh, yes, of course.’

They ate in silence for a little while and then leaned back with their cups of wine.

‘I found out that Mintor’s blade will become almost as powerful as the greater evil himself,’ Noala spoke softly.

Riolany’s eyes went big. ‘He already has trouble using it as it is,’ she gasped in shock.

‘Yes, but I somehow feel it will be alright. Maybe I’ll find something more about it later.’

‘Why don’t you give yourself a rest, Noala,’ Riolany suggested. ‘I understand that a skating feast has been organised in the harbour tonight. It may clear your head and refresh you.’

Besides worry for her, Noala also heard a pleading in the queen’s voice and smiled. ‘I think you are right, the fresh air might do me some good.’

A few sheets slipped from her hand and fell to the floor as she tried to gather her papers. Grumbling, Noala bent over to pick them up and froze.

‘By the seven pits of doom,’ she whispered shocked. ‘Why didn’t we find this before?’

Riolany came to stand by her friend and looked down at the papers, she only saw words that meant nothing to her.

Noala mumbled softly as she read the words, seemingly at random, but Riolany clearly heard the urgency and stress in her voice.

‘We have to get a message to Najir,’ she said. ‘As fast as we can. The three heavenly bodies, when aligned, form a gate into the seven pits of doom and they will be sucked into it.’

‘What?!’ Riolany exclaimed, turning white as a sheet.



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