A nasty surprise; from The Claws of the Earth Part IV


Rimyar looked at the wagons and the men taking food and water out of them to prepare dinner in big cauldrons for a multitude of thousand men. There were few guards, but all the men with the wagons were armed and partially armoured.

‘The outer wagons are less watched and protected,’ observed one of the scouts.

Rimyar nodded, he had noticed it too. ‘There, on the other side are ten wagons practically left alone. Let’s destroy them.’

‘It will be dark in about an hour,’ the scout said, looking at the setting sun. ‘We’d better get moving.’

Two hours later ten wagons stood burning and several black-armour lay dead on the desert sand. Rimyar was satisfied with the result, but feared that guard duty around the wagons would be stepped up.

‘We’ll deal with that another day,’ he decided. ‘We’ll leave them be for a few days, let them think it was a onetime incident. Make sure our force stays well out of reach and see to it that their scouts, who will be sent out, won’t find us and if they do that they don’t return alive.’

For three days nothing happened as the ink stain lumbered on, but on the fourth night quick shadows moved between the wagons in the dead of night. Rimyar wanted to know what was inside those wagons besides food and water.

He listened to the rhythmic snoring of the two beast-men sleeping under the wagon and waited for his companion to join him.

As the man joined him, he nodded. The others had found three wagons loaded with water barrels and were now drilling holes in them.

Rimyar pointed two fingers to his eyes and then at the sleeping beast-men. His companion nodded as Rimyar quietly entered the covered wagon. Once inside, he lit a small lantern and held his breath in shock as he faced a life sized statue of Hodulu with outstretched in welcome.

Claws 4 Complete design edit


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