A late visitor; from Claws of the Earth part I

As the Dog entered his room his accute senses of smell and sound told him that he was not alone. He casually walked in and placed the candle on the table where he lit the lantern to have more light. He put his cloak over the back of a chair and looked out of the window.

‘You can show yourself or you can be killed,’ he spoke icily.

Two bloodred eyes opened in the dark corner of the room as a pleasant voice said; ‘For a moment I thought that the famous senses of the Dog were nothing but fables.’

‘I knew you were there the moment I entered,’ the Dog turned. ‘Who are you and what do you want?’

‘I am Sunderbahn,’ he bowed with flourish. ‘Spy extraordinair and come to offer my services.’


Sunderbahn was taken aback a bit by that simple question as it had not been asked him before very often.

‘As you noticed I can get in everywhere unnoticed to gather information for my employer, useful information. And as you are on the winning side–.’

The Dog smiled. ‘For now, the moment the table turns you’ll be in the other camp selling me out.’

Sunderbahn’s face didn’t change, he kept silent.

‘You will work for whoever pays you the most and switch sides on a moments notice. Give me a good reason to trust you?’

‘What you say is true for my profession, but I am different. When I’m paid I always see the job through to the end.’

‘Well, I’m not the one who’s having the money, that’s the king, so I can’t pay you anything.’

‘But I have very important information for you, definitely worth something.’

‘Do you now,’ the Dog sat on the bed taking off his boots.

Sunderbahn moved extremely fast and noiseless to stand in front of the Dog. His eyes burned. ‘You are about to be attacked.’

Before Sunderbahn could do anything the Dog knocked him over, sat on his chest and pointed the barrels of one of his guns on the man’s nose.

Sunderbahn was confused and shocked.

‘Now tell me something I didn’t know,’ the Dog spoke threateningly.



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