A discovery; from Claws of the Earth Part IV

A serene quiet hung over the trees in the afternoon sun that glistened on the lingering snow. The breeze from the east made the branches of the majestic trees sway a little as if caressing them softly. It moved deeper into the forest, gently stroking the massive trunks that had seen ages go by, then deeper still, touching patches of sunlight and passing over bigger patches of shadow.

Claws 4 design 1 Claws 4 design 2

It made a piece of cloak flutter, almost unnoticable, and cooled a face with a stubby beard. Hard, steel grey, eyes looked at the circular clearing from under the rim of-a broad-brimmed hat.

It also touched a face with almond-shaped eyes and moved the dark hair a little to show a pointed ear. It encountered a face of a young man whose eyes were older than his body. It made his shoulder length hair flutter as he scratched his stubby beard and moved his lips to bare his lower teeth, as if he was about to growl.

It brushed a pretty face enclosed by long, dark curly hair from which two hard eyes looked at the clearing, filled with hate and anger.

Going further still, it found a head on too long a neck, softly bobbing up and down; the eyes looked determined and a little scared at the circular clearing.

Two hoods were ruffled by the breeze to show a rabbit’s face with angry burning eyes and a cat’s face with eyes burning with hatred.

Two ancient eyes, filled with knowledge, practically spewed anger into the clearing.

The last face touched by the breeze was tanned and topped by a turban. Teeth slowly bit into the lower lip while the look in the eyes flickered between slight fear and determination.

The breeze vanished into the forest, leaving the people that surrounded the clearing alone with their thoughts and fears.

The Dog looked at Najir on the other side with a question in his eyes. Najir shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He had no idea why or how the statue of the Hooded One had appeared here.



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