A piece from part I; Mintor King


‘Before you dive into that, please tell me more about the Iksbah.’

‘As I told you, it is a magical thing attached to a certain person that gets activated when certain events take place. They tell the story of that person as it unfolds, so while he lives. If, for example, I go to the end of the scroll I might read what Mintor is doing right now.’

‘That might be useful.’

‘Hm, yes. Well there is of course the matter of his privacy to be considered.’

The Dog smiled. ‘I don’t mean intimate matters Najir, but military matters. I don’t give a hoot with whom he’s sleeping, but I do care about the war as I am responsible as Lord Commander.’

‘Yes, of course, sorry. Main problem with the Iksbah’s is that they may pop up anywhere at any time. As this one did in Soboií.’

‘Pop up somewhere meant to be found?’

‘That is what puzzles me. If it was meant to be found by us, why in Soboií. I hope to find more about that in this book. We should however be careful not to lose it.’

The Dog frowned.

‘Well, as they are prone to pop up, they also have the habit of disappearing to pop up someplace else.’

‘Can they be destroyed?’

‘No, once activated it is virtually impossible to destroy them, which of course means the Iksbah’s of our predecessors should also be still around. Problem is finding them.’



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