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A piece from part I; Mintor King


‘Before you dive into that, please tell me more about the Iksbah.’

‘As I told you, it is a magical thing attached to a certain person that gets activated when certain events take place. They tell the story of that person as it unfolds, so while he lives. If, for example, I go to the end of the scroll I might read what Mintor is doing right now.’

‘That might be useful.’

‘Hm, yes. Well there is of course the matter of his privacy to be considered.’

The Dog smiled. ‘I don’t mean intimate matters Najir, but military matters. I don’t give a hoot with whom he’s sleeping, but I do care about the war as I am responsible as Lord Commander.’

‘Yes, of course, sorry. Main problem with the Iksbah’s is that they may pop up anywhere at any time. As this one did in SoboiĆ­.’

‘Pop up somewhere meant to be found?’

‘That is what puzzles me. If it was meant to be found by us, why in SoboiĆ­. I hope to find more about that in this book. We should however be careful not to lose it.’

The Dog frowned.

‘Well, as they are prone to pop up, they also have the habit of disappearing to pop up someplace else.’

‘Can they be destroyed?’

‘No, once activated it is virtually impossible to destroy them, which of course means the Iksbah’s of our predecessors should also be still around. Problem is finding them.’



A small stack of paper!


In the year 2000 I started a journey and I didn’t know where it would take me, or what kind of people I would meet on the way, what might happen. So I kept on adding pages to a manuscript that still would not reveal to me where it was heading.

When I had written about 400 pages it started to dawn on me where I was going and the writng got easier. When I reached 800 pages I decided it was time to go looking for a publisher. What was the harm in trying my luck?

I quickly found out that my idea of publishers was quite outdated as nowadays it is all selfpublishing. The publishers create a good looking book and how you get rid of them is your busines, at least by the American publishers. Still I wanted to have a go. SBPRA agreed to publish my book and we went to work. Editing could be done for $ 2.500, I didn’t had that kind of money so I did it myself and at last I held the book in my hands. I was proud, the world opened to me.

Then came the snag. The publisher was willing to do some marketing but I had to pay a lot of money for it, money I didn’t have until the book would be selling and they didn’t do marketing to sell the book unless I paid. I felt like a dog running after its own tail.

I kept on writing as the story was far from done and was approached by Rowanvalebooks from Wales. They did a lot more for an equal price. The people there made me feel like a warm blanket was thrown over my shoulders and I sent in my second book.

They came back to me that the book was too big, 1130 pages, nobody would by a book like that so I had to cut into three different books. I thought to myself that the whole series of four original books would now become 10 books.

The book was edited by the publisher and together we made the cover. When it was published I was proud of my work and got a lot of compliments on the cover of Part II.


But in the meantime the story also grew and I met more and more people along the way. From Kings and Emperors to the simplest farmer, great Generals and powerful wizards. Not all I met on the way were very likable, but most I enjoyed spending a little time with.

Now part III is out and I am still proud of my work, in November part IV will be released, an idea for a christmas gift.

Claws III - Front Cover Only - 2D

On April 6 2015 I wrote the words ‘Thus ends the story of the Claws of the Earth’ and finished my work, for now. I had to say goodbye to a world and to the people who had been part of my daily life for so long. It made me a little sad. I have shared great adventures with them, pain, hope and joy, but I know they will life in a better world now. Bought myself a bottle of nice whisky to congratulate myself and will take a short writing break before embarking on a new journey to see where that one will take me.