Rys Rising by Tracy Falbe; a review

A small tribe is being destroyed by another tribe, the leader is left for dead, but he is found by a Rys, Onja. A race of powerful magical people living in the Rysamond mountains, also know as the Jingten. She nurses him back to health, he renames himself Amar and as he has nothing to return to he joins the Kez, a band of ruthless outlaws, becoming one of their great war leaders.

Dacian, another Rys, is aspiring to become a priest in a human sect of magic users, the Kwelstan. They have taken over part of the Rysamond region and treat the Rys as second rate citizens as they fear their natural magical abilities. Dacian is very powerful and is taken to the Kwelstan base of power in the Nufal valley to be taught humility and servitude, as he objects to Onja being punished for going into the west. It is forbidden for the Rys to go into the west. He resists and is punished heavily for that.

Both Onja and Dacian rise against the Kwelstan to free their people. Onja is still in contact with Amar, helping him to become the great war leader he is.

Dacian makes a spectacular escape, with Onja’s help, from his Kwelstan prison to finally learn that being trained by the Kwelstan to become a priest is of no use to help his people become full citizens.

The stage is set for the Rys to become the power they are.

Tracy Falbe weaves a wonderful and magical story with ease and sweeps along the reader in the adventures of the main characters. Each character has its own story that connects with the others here and there setting the pieces for the next books in this amazing series that will find its place in every fantasy library.

A must read for all fantasy lovers.

By: B.


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