From The Claws of the Earth Part I; Mintor King


From the corner of his eyes the Dig saw Bino struggling to keep her sword in control, but she managed to get it to touch Mintor’s blade. Light became blinding as all shut their eyes.

Alyaya felt herself drawn towards Mintor. She placed her hands on his shoulders and threw her head back.

With incredible force Ananeya was thrown out of the little girl’s body, not in an ethereal form, but in a pure physical form.

She panted heavily, lying on the cold stone florr, shivering as she was naked.

Alyaya slumped against Mintor’s back and went out cold.

Above the altar the ethereal shape of a dwarf with a nasty face and a very mischievous look in its dark eyes appeared.

‘Well well,’ its hollow, but deep voice, rumbled through the chamber. ‘At last there are some that know how to be using their minds and be doing the right thing. The main sword be now a magical weapon, princeling. Point it at yer target and be focussing all thee energy to it. Ye shall be seeing the effects. When all blades be together ye be performing this ceremony again  a wee bit so it’ll be even stronger. Be finding one blade in the glenns of Killkanney and the last be in the palace of the king. The dragons, me sense, be already awoken, now be waking the dwarfs if thee can be finding them. Good fortune me laddies, good fortune.’

The spectre vanished, the light was gone.


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