Trouble in the South

Trouble in the South is the third book in the Claws of the Earth series to be released soon, including a map of the world where everything is happening,  in which more and more nations get involved in the war against the Hooded One and his ally the one true god.

The friends learn that there is not much to learn at the library of Menthok-Sikh, bar that Tindlewin is forcing them to return to the path that has been set out for them.

They travel to the remants of the tower of magic to have an encounter with Buralco, here they do learn something new.

In the desert Rimyar is creating a name for himself and what he stands for. He finds a new good friend in Baringo, the Grainjar of another tribe.

They fight for a fortress at the border region and face one of the better commanders the empire can throw at him.

Claws 3 final copy

In the eastern kingdom the one true god tries to set up shop, but finds resistance.

In the empire the presence of Hodulu, the Hooded One, is felt and the fight against him begins.

The remnants of the one true gods army in the sout-east of the realm are eliminated, for now.

The race for the Claws of the Earth is still on.


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