City of the last statue


The dark clouds rolled ever closer and flashes of lightning lit them up from time to time. Suddenly the magician stopped moving and watched as the thunderclouds slowly drifted over the city, then she stretched out her hand and a gust of wind ripped roof tiles from roofs and rain came down in, big, fat drops. She waited for a little while before sending down forked tongues of lightning immediately followed by peals of thunder that made the ground tremble.

Buildings caught fire. People screamed as lightning surged to the ground everywhere, striking several people, killing them.

She clenched her fists and concentrated deeply, then she spread her arms and screamed a word, a lightning bolt as thick as a man surged into the remnants of the church, hitting the statue of the Hooded One in full force. An enormous scream of agony echoed over the plains as the statue spat apart in thousands of burning fragments.

The magician collapsed as she was spent. The commander quickly threw her over her horse and gave the order to ride north, but he was happy. The last big statue in the border region was destroyed.


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