A dragon gone


When you write a story that stretches out over more than six or seven books it becomes inevitable that, on the  way, you loose some characters you have come to like. This particular dragon was one I liked very much. She has been a steadfast friend and ally from the beginning. It kind of took me by surprise when I noticed that I had written she died.

It made tears burn behind my eyes, I felt sad and kind of lost for a couple of hours, but in a war, as the one I am writing about, not only the bad people and creatures die.

Still, she had a surprise waiting for me at the end and that made me feel better. You may think it strange for me to write about a paper character in this way, but then remember I am living with these characters and have been doing so for the last four years. For me they are not just names on a piece of paper, they have become part of my everyday life.

She died bravely, fighting, as it should, and she will be remembered for a long time to come.



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