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Un unexpected visitor

Startled Riolany looked up, focussed again and got up to open the door to find a young woman in a coarse woolen dress holding a sack.

‘Yes, how can I help you,’Riolany asked, making a mental note to tell the guards not to let beggars in.

‘So very to disturb you at this late hour, your highness,’ the woman spoke fast. ‘I am Sewiena, goddess of witches, I also asked Insah-Bolo to come, if you don’t mind. We might shed some light on the strange event that happened yesternight.’

As Riolany’s tired brain worked through the waterfall of words she became alert and fully awake, stepping aside to let Sewiena enter.

‘I know I have the reputation of being tricky, but I took the oath and I’m only here to help,’ the waterfall continued,’ that’s also why I asked Insah-Bolo to come.’

‘Please slow down,’ Riolany said, ‘you talk so fast you will stumble over your own words, I can hardly follow you.’

Sewiena took a deep, calming, breath and smiled before saying, at normal speed; ‘I’m so sorry, but whenever I’m at the point of discovering something I get excited too much.’

Riolany smiled back. ‘I know how that feels.’

A soft knock announced announced the arrival of Insah-Bolo. ‘You should’ve asked for me at once when you were at the magic school,’ she meowed, ‘I am teaching there in Yukati’s absence and I assure you that I know a lot more than the students.’

‘I didn’t think about it at the time, sorry,’ Riolany apologised.

‘What did you find out?’ Insah-Bolo asked Sewiena.

Sewiena produced a crystal ball from her sack and a small golden tripod stand on which she placed it.

Insah-Bolo looked interested at the ball. ‘Is that a true crystal ball?’

Sewiena nodded. ‘I managed to save it when we were locked up. Now gather round and hold hands,’ she said. ‘I will have to draw from your strength. Not much so don’t worry,’ she eased Riolany’s frightened look.

Closing her eyes Sewiena concentrated and inside the ball colours began to swirl to end showing a star filled sky where a small cloud appeared.

‘This is somewhat like scrying,’ Insah-Bolo whispered.

Sewiena nodded. ‘It works more or less the same, but not quite. Now be silent and watch.’

The whole event with the cloud and the lightning was shown only at the end Sewiena made it slow down. Then they saw the five horsemen appear as in slow motion. Five black horses carrying five empty cloaks descending tomap_PROMO the ground to vanish on touching it.


An autumn walk

When you walk in the forest on an autumn day the forest looks different. Mist shrouds the trees and branches as it wafts in clouds through them, but it also on days like this that the open minded wanderer can see things that normal man should not see.

I saw, when the mist parted a little bit, the bulky dark shape of a dragon moving among the trees. For most of us it would be just a shadow, but for the true observant it was obvious a dragon.

It is also on days like these that you can see other things,elfje2 but you really have to look for them, and know where to look for them for they are so well camouflaged that you will miss them before you know it.

Passing a tree I saw one of them, sitting on a mushroom that grows on the trunks of trees. Here in the The Netherlands we call those elfinsettee’s as the elfin like to sit on them and watch the

elfenbankjeunknowing people go by. Sometimes they throw a piece of bark at us, just to see us react.

But elfin don’t exist you will say. Do we know that for sure? Just because 99% of us can’t see elfje1them anymore doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just as gnomes. Like elfin and dragons they are there if you only how to look for them. If your mind is open to it they cannot hide from you.

So, next time you take a walk in the misted forest open your mind and look a round sharply.