A clue to the real enemy

‘But I do have a question for Tindlewin.’

The old man looked at the Dog. ‘If I can answer it I will,’ he spoke pleasantly.

‘Are there any Iksbah’s of our predecessors here?’

Tindlewin blinked a few times showing his unease before he said; ‘It’s hetting late, I…..’

‘Will answer the question,’ Mintor spoke menacingly, he too had noticed the man getting a little nervous.

‘Listen,’ he whispered, leaning forward, ‘I’ve helped you people more than enough already. I risk getting into trouble already by those above me. We are not allowed to interfere in the events that are unfolding any more than to see to it that they follow the flow of time.’

‘The timeline again,’ mused Najir. ‘Ever since the first blade was found the whole fabric of time is folding around the events pushing and prodding all to move in  certain directions. It is Obvious now that we are not supposed to deviate too far from the path we are on. If we do something will happen to steer us back to it.’

‘Main question is,’ Ananeya said, ‘who is guiding the timeline?’

From the Library of Menthok-Sikh inside the stone circle.map_PROMO


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