How can life be better then sitting behind your desk, listening to the wonderful music of Mike Oldfield, or Ennio Morricone, having a nice drink, hearing the rain drum on the roof, and writing your book? The whole world around you vanishes as you are sucked into the world you are creating with simple words on paper, a world that is so completely different and far more exiting than the world we are presently living in.

All your everyday worries about how to pay your bills, that nasty manager at work, your car that needs to go the garage are simply non-existent anymore as you wonder through great forests where all kinds of unknown creatures as living, or roaming through castles with many rooms and thick walls. You can hear and see the people of the created world walking around, smell it, almost taste it as you are putting it to paper.

Is there anything more wonderful than that? I wonder about that sometimes. I Always feel most happy when in the environment I described above, to be lost in your own world where nobody can touch you.

Major problem is to make other people read it, but that doesn’t matter I will somply go on publishing my world and hope that those that do read it can also forget their everyday problems for a few hours.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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