A teaser from part III

final coverAs they reached the church the magic user felt the awesome power radiating from within and braced herself. A firestorm spell ready she nodded to the soldiers holding the doors that they pushed open. Immediately streams of fire were poured into the church where benches and tapestries caught flame.

The magic user was assaulted by a hideaous reptilian creature and needed a few moments to pull herself together again as she staggered on her feet. One of the pump crews noticed that she was in trouble and aimed straight into the hood of the man high statue. The unexpected burst of flame filled the hood entirely ending the attack on the magic user as sudden as it had begun.

She released the spell she had ready and engulfed half the interior of the church into a raging sea of flames.

Alone she heard the hate filled cry that came from the statue as she squeezed her fist to shatter the empty hood. Because of the raging flames no one saw the substantial green purple cloud escaping from the statue, trying to avoid the flames that surrounded it. It flew up into the soaring heat, but found no way out, it was trapped.


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