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A peek into part III

General Rimyar wiped the sweat from his brow as he finally saw the siege tower move forward. It had taken time and a lot of work to get it up the small hill, but now it wass downhill to the fortress of the imperial garrison.

He had expected the imperial troopers on their knees begging for mercy by now, after three days, but they proofed to be hardened and disciplined soldiers. The fires started inside the fortress by burning arrows had been put out quickly, while archers took position on the battlements to meet the sudden attack.

The stonethrowers and catapults had done little to impress the besieged troops inside.

But after three days of almost constant bombardment and rains of arrows they still stood strong. This was not what Rimyar had expected.

He watched as the siege tower rumbled down the slight hill and jumped as a huge stone smashed into the top, practically destroying it.


Continuation of the map

3D_ClawsThe map is truly starting to look great and well organised, so far. It will make a lot of readers happy to know where what is and where what things are happening. No, I will not show you yet what it looks like, you will have to wait until it is finished. It will be published in part III Trouble in the south, the next book that is currently at the Publisher to be edited. Part VIII is progressing so I am running on schedual.


I have seen the beginning of the map Stephan is drawing for me and WOW it looks good. Did I say WOW already, by the seven pits of doom it looks good. If the whole map will be like that people will by the book for the map alone.

Part III

 Part III is now at the publisher and the whole proces wil start, maybe, with a little it will be out by X-mas, but I don’t get my hopes up. A map of the Claws world is being made and will be printed in part III so everybody can where is what and where what is happening. This may be useful for some readers. Part VIII is slowly progressing, the first chapter is nearly done. Got a lot a lot of ideas of how to continue so it will be a pile of paper again.