First book signed

It is always nice to sign a book for someone who has just bought it. Mostly those people are friends that already have read part one and want to know how the story continues, but still signing the books Always makes me feel happy and a little proud, I’m not ashamed to say. One of my friends said that he wanted a book with my signature just in case it would become valuable in the future when my books would be selling like hot cakes and people would be lined up in front of the cinema to watch the movies he was sure would made of them.

Comments like that are nice to hear, though I don’t make myself any illusions as to the fame of my books in the time to come. I sincerely hope that part II will become a moderate success and that with the publication of part III people will start to realise that this series is worth their while as it is almost completely finished.

Signing books in bookstores would be better, but here in the Netherlands most stores say that they don’t anything with english books, so the chance of getting a signing session here is small and that’s a bummer.

I hope many people will by the book and enjoy reading it.Image


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