Monthly Archives: May 2014

Four stars

A reader found his way to the goodreads site and gave a good review on my book The Library of Menthok-Sikh. It was rated by four stars, so I feel kind of proud. I sincerely hope that many readers will do the same, with good or bad reviews, it will at least show that the book is being read and that gives me hope for the future.

Thanks very much reader


Another book finished

It took me a little while to find a suitable ending for part seven, but tonight I did finish it and I must say I am quite pleased about it. I know you readers will have to wait a while before you can finally read it, but at least you will know that the series is progressing. After the summer holidays I will start on my last book, that means parts 8, 9, and 10 publishing wise for it will be about 1100 pages again. Unlike Mr MArtin who doesn’t know how to end his Game of thrones I will finish my ten books for the whole story is inside my head already, not consciously, but it is there, I feel it and it is ready to come out on paper.

With a little luck part three will be published at the beginning of 2015.

Lost and found

At last I found my missing character again, it wasn’t easy, he was hiding in really hard to find place, but using the old Sherlock Holmes way I managed to track him down. I lost about 70% of my hair in the proces, but that is not important.

Once I found him I had to coax him back into the story, he was namely quite content to stay where he was, safe, warm, and comfortable and didn’t like to step back into a world of danger and adventure. It took me considerable effort to bring him back, but in the end the love for his friends closed the deal, so now I can continue with the last chapter of Part VIIImage

Lost character

Wanted to start on a new piece of chapter 63 when I found out that I somehow lost a character. Haven’t got a clue as to how it happened, but now I will have to read back several pages to find out where I lost him, then I can put him back on his place, if he will let me.

This character is a wizard, maybe that has got something to do with it, wizards are strange people after all. don’t you agree?