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Today I sold my first copy of part II. When that happens it makes one feel good, but also brings on the concern about the rest. How to get this sold to people? I can do a lot of things but selling isn’t one them, so how will I go about this. Maybe I just have to keep ┬ámy hopes up and pray that the beautiful cover will convince buyers that this book is worth reading. We will see.


Authors copies

Yesterday I received the authors copies. When you hold the fruit of your labour in your hands it fills you with a sense of accomplished determination and pride, especially as looks as good as this book does. It makes it worth all the effort and time put into it. Now I can only hope that my readers will enjoy the book as much as I did writing it..

Excerpt from part II

The man looked over the Dogs shoulder for just a second, but the Dog had seen it and dropped to the ground, rolling sideways as an arrow flew where he had stood to embed itself in his opponents chest.
Getting up in the same motion the Dogs gun was in his hand as he looked at the other man leaning against a tree trying to notch another arrow.
A hammer cracked, the man looked up with a face filled with pain and fear. the Dog fired.


I am presently writing the forelast chapter of part seven when the story took a twist I hadn’t expected. The story, simply flowing from my pen as usual, made something happen that surprised even me. When I thought about later on it made perfect sense of course, but it was the first time something like this happened to me.